Friday, September 7, 2012

This week...

I am starting a new trend on my blog that I'm sure very few of my tiny readership will care about, but I know that I will enjoy looking at over the next few years and reminiscing of the way things once were in the Smith family. I've decided that every Friday, I will write a recap of the highs and lows, for posterity's sake.

SO, this week...

Joel and I went on a lovely date to this sushi place that I've been nagging him to try. Four (yes, four!) delicious rolls later, we left feeling giddy from the conversation and good eats. I am convinced that dates are even better the longer you're married. I never remember having this much satisfying, soul-stirring conversation when we were dating. Not to sound trite, but I truly love being married to that man.

Ainsley and Emery both had doctor's appointments. Ugh. Ainsley is in the 90th percentile for everything (weight, head-size, height) and Emery is in the 50th for weight but 90th for height! My tall girlies. Ainsley was so impressed with the bird sounds her doctor made...I was unsure of what to think.

I caught up with the Suits episodes that I had missed in our interim of no television. Turns out Suits and vanilla wafers are a winning combination.

My parents, Aunt & Uncle and Grandma came to town and installed all of our hardwood floors!!!!! Our house is starting to look like a house. We had a wonderful time with them.  My uncle was incredible- giving everyone jobs and solving so many home-related conundrums. My dad, mom, and aunt worked so furiously that you would not believe how much they completed. My grandma provided sweet conversation that made the whole weekend even more enjoyable. AND, my hardworking husband cut and nailed every corner round, ran to Home Depot about 20 times, moved many a box and various pieces of furniture and looked good doing it all.

Ainsley used her big girl potty for the first time. Sweet victory.

Tomorrow is official potty training day. Fingers crossed, hopes high!

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  1. now I wil really look forward to fridays!! love this idea!!