Thursday, January 24, 2013

the four of us.

Last week, Joel took his three ladies out for dinner at our favorite little pub  on Chicago Street. Ainsley spent the entire dinner telling him what she did that day over and over while Emery sat quietly on my lap. Our daughters are already so different. Joel, the ever-devoted Daddy, humored his jabbering toddler while giving me winks across the table. My heart was FULL.

We've been the four of us for six months now. Six bonkers, rewarding, hilarious, maddening, wonderful months. We have moved into our first house, seen Joel off on a two month bus tour, potty-trained a toddler, turned thirty (only I did that one), had two little Mommy/Daddy Only weekends while the littles were at Grandma's, learned to roll over (Emery's feat!), memorized the Dora theme song, read Not the Hippopotamus MANY times, and had several hilarious family dinners in which more food ends up on the floor than in Ainsley's mouth. We have seen the Lord move in major ways in our marriage, our kids, our families, and our small group. Turns out, the four of us is more exciting than the three of us and most certainly than the two of us.

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